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*After Mar 9th, you must register in person to be able to vote in the Apr 6th election.Be prepared to vote when you register.

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Brief Summary of the

Illinois Presidential Primary Delegate Selection Plan


In a nutshell, the selection of delegates at the congressional district level is based on the proportion of votes the presidential candidate receives in that district, although a candidate must receive at least 15% before being allotted any delegates.

District 15 will have three delegates to divide up. In this election in our district, there are three candidates with delegates: Biden, Sanders, and Warren. The delegates for each candidate will “win” based on their ballot order - the first Biden delegate will win if Biden gets at least 15% and the second Biden delegate will win if Biden gets two-thirds of the overall vote. It’s unclear how this will work if there are three candidates and one is at 60% and the other two are at 15%, but it’s unlikely that any one candidate will get all three delegates.

Interestingly, the delegate selection plan places a lot of emphasis on gender balance, with our district to have two women and one man elected.  There is a significant section that discusses non-binary gender delegates and how they can fill either male or female slots. 

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