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Coles County Elections


Tuesday, November 8, 2022



Tuesday, November 8th, 2022

6 am - 7 pm

EARLY  VOTING - in person

Sep 29th - Nov 7th

EARLY  VOTING - by mail (VBM)

Single or Permanent options

  1. Decide if you just want a ballot sent for this election, or if you want to sign up for permanent Vote By Mail status

  2. Request your ballot NOW! The ballot request application must be received by Nov 3rd, but sooner is better! Click on one of the two buttons below to download a ballot request application. Return the ballot request application either

       - by email to, or

       - by mail or in person to the County Clerk’s office

  3. Wait for your ballot to come in the mail

  4. Return your ballot either

        - by mail or in person to the County Clerk by Nov 8th, or

        - bring it to your polling place on Nov 8th


*After Oct 23rd, you must register in person at the County Clerk's office to be able to vote in this election.

Be prepared to vote when you register.

17 YRS OLD?  If you will be 18 years old on or before November 8th, 2022, you may register now and vote in this election!


Brief Summary of the

Illinois Presidential Primary Delegate Selection Plan


In a nutshell, the selection of delegates at the congressional district level is based on the proportion of votes the presidential candidate receives in that district, although a candidate must receive at least 15% before being allotted any delegates.

District 15 had three delegates to divide up in 2020. In this election in our district, there were three candidates with delegates before Warren dropped out of the race: Biden, Sanders, and Warren. The delegates for each candidate “win” based on their ballot order - the first Biden delegate would win if Biden got at least 15% and the second Biden delegate would win if Biden got two-thirds of the overall vote. It’s unclear how this would work if there are three candidates and one is at 60% and the other two are at 15%, but it’s unlikely that any one candidate would get all three delegates.

Interestingly, the delegate selection plan places a lot of emphasis on gender balance, with our district having two women and one man elected.  There is a significant section that discusses non-binary gender delegates and how they can fill either male or female slots. 

Past Voter's Guides
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