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Dec 23, 2018

During 2018, several articles have appeared in our paper discussing the future of the 440 acres that Coles Together bought from the FutureGen group after they dropped the site from their consideration for a coal sequestration plant. The president of Coles Together, Angela Griffin, has been looking for an alternative energy project for the site. It appears that she only seems to be considering energy projects that involve coal. This makes no sense for Coles County.

submitted by: Keith Wolcott

On October 22, 65 people filled one of the classrooms at Sarah Bush Lincoln's Learning Center to take part in a Future Energy Conversation. We learned about ways that we could help our community – Coles County - become more energy efficient and adopt renewable energy sources rather than depend on fossil fuels. We gave our input on ...

Oct 27, 2018

submitted by: Ellen Wolcott

New rules on the use of public spaces proposed by the Trump administration and Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke pose a grave danger to this country's most precious free speech rights and must be stopped. The public comment period for the regulations ends Oct. 15 and people around the country are writing in to voice their opposition ...

Oct 15, 2018

submitted by: Marzee Francis


At a time when ideological rigidity on both sides has caused a ruinous logjam in Illinois politics, Shirley Bell, Democratic candidate for State Representative in the 110th District, offers real hope for a better future. Bell’s platform, available at her website, stresses above all a spirit of cheerful, practical cooperation between ...

Oct 5, 2018

submitted by: John Kilgore


Socialism is one of those words that produces a knee-jerk reaction in many people. Some people immediately think it means “high taxes” or “communism”. Like many theories of social organization, there are varying definitions for socialism involving economics and/or society, but the basis of socialism has to do with common ...

Oct 2, 2018

submitted by: Ellen Wolcott

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